Two years forward, the corridors I walked down for years appear so narrow, as if they are closing in on me. Maybe because these walls and the roof sheltered me from the scary world out here and I have finally outgrown them.

I see new changes, there are windows in the place of once open panes, the technology has taken over and they have a face recognition device now. The tiled walls seemed to have seeped in all the cold of the night. Everything has changed at the same time nothing has.

I felt strange standing in front of my old classroom and stare at it blankly. I did not peep inside because I am now an outsider. Time is running fast and it felt like I was zapped back into the past to where it all started, after all the oceans I drowned and sailed through.

The people I had associated the word ‘forever’ with have changed. We all grew out of our skins and shed them, entering the big bad world, not knowing whom to count on. Maybe I’ll come back another day in another year to this place and look for my old friend nostalgia.


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